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Costco Health Insurance: What It Is And What It Costs

Costco is a renowned consumer hub offering a wide range of products, services, and amenities at affordable prices. This includes realtor insurance policies, health insurance, food samples, toiletries, and more.

The company recently merged with Custom Benefits Consultants, Inc (CBC) to provide health insurance plans that offer quality coverage and competitive rates. The monthly premiums for Costco health insurance plans range between $335 and $712, depending on the plan type and the state you reside in.

At Enhance Health, we can help you find the ideal Costco health insurance plan for you and your family. Our skilled professionals can walk you through the process of assessing various plans, comparing quotes, and choosing the best option based on your needs and budget.

What Is Costco Health Insurance?

Costco health insurance provides individuals and businesses with the best and relatively affordable health insurance coverage. This health insurance coverage includes hospital, medical, and pharmacy coverage that covers basic needs such as doctor visits, minor illnesses and injuries, prescription drugs, surgeries, and other services.

To access Costco health insurance coverage, you must be a Costco member. Signing up with Costco requires filling out an application and providing proof of your identity, income, and residency. Once approved, you can purchase your plan from renowned providers such as Oscar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and UnitedHealthcare.

Costco’s partnership with Custom Benefits Consultants, Inc (CBC) has made it possible for members to receive assistance in selecting a health plan that fits their needs and budget. CBC provides guidance and assistance throughout enrollment, from researching plans to filing claims.

This partnership has birthed an online marketplace where members can compare and contrast plans to find the best plan for their needs. This makes selecting and enrolling in a plan simpler and easier than ever.

How Does It Work?

The way Costco health insurance works is pretty straightforward. The first step is to visit their official website, where you will access the marketplace. You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself, including age, medical needs, and location. You might also be asked to provide business information if you are self-employed or seeking coverage for your employees.

Once you’ve provided this information, you can view the plans available to you and compare the costs of each plan. The system will generate multiple quotes that you can compare to determine which plan best suits your needs and budget.

You should sort through all quotes generated through your criteria, including monthly premiums, plan types, or deductible amounts. 

Monthly premiums refer to the amount of money you’ll have to pay each month for your health insurance. 

Deductibles are the total amount you spend on healthcare before insurance kicks in. Ensure that the plan you select meets all your healthcare needs and comes with a reasonable monthly premium and deductible.

Once you’ve decided, you can call an insurance ambassador by phone or submit your application online. The ambassador will answer any questions about the plans and help you through the enrollment process.

How Much Does Costco Health Insurance Cost?

As mentioned earlier, Costco health insurance costs $335 – $712. Several factors can influence the cost of your coverage. They include:


One of the biggest factors that will affect your cost is age. Generally, the younger you are, the lower your monthly premium will be. This is because, unlike seniors, young people are less likely to suffer from illnesses or chronic conditions that will require expensive medical attention. Therefore, the insurance company takes less risk by covering them.


The state you live in can also determine the cost of your health insurance. Each state has its own set of regulations and requirements for health insurance coverage, which will likely affect the cost of your plan. Additionally, the cost of living and doing business varies between states, and this could also influence the cost of your health insurance plan.

Income Level

Your income level can also affect the cost of your health insurance coverage. Generally, those with lower incomes are eligible for government subsidies that can help reduce their monthly premiums.


Gender can also be a factor in determining your premiums. Even though this is one of the most criticized aspects of health insurance, the fact remains that men tend to pay slightly higher premiums than women. This is because men are statistically more likely to engage in risky behavior such as smoking and drinking alcohol, which could lead to more expensive medical treatments.

Costco Health Insurance Pros & Cons

Costco Health Insurance has advantages and disadvantages like other types of health insurance. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons associated with this type of coverage:



Costco health insurance is one of the most affordable plans on the market. Whether self-employed or unemployed, you can easily find a plan that works for your budget. This is because when purchasing coverage, you can access multiple quotes that you can compare to find the best plan for your budget.


You don’t need to worry about navigating a complicated marketplace. It is easy and efficient to search, compare, and purchase health insurance plans in just a few clicks. The Costco marketplace is intuitive and secure, allowing you to shop for coverage confidently.


Costco health insurance provides access to a vast network of providers. This means it’s easier to find a provider near you who is in-network and can accept your plan. Additionally, the plan features robust benefits and coverage that rivals other insurers.


Another benefit of Costco health insurance is that you gain access to a personal health advocate. This is someone who can answer questions about your coverage and help you navigate the healthcare system, making it easier for you to get the care you need. This person should be your first point of contact when you have questions or need assistance with something related to your plan.



A big downside to Costco health insurance is that you must be a Costco member to access the plans. If you don’t already have an existing membership, you will need to purchase one to access the plans and benefits available.


Costco health insurance has certain exclusions and limitations on coverage that you should be aware of before signing up. Ensure you read the policy carefully to know what is and isn’t covered by the plan.


Although Costco health insurance plans are great for those with general healthcare needs, most coverage is too basic for those with more complex healthcare requirements. Those who need specialized care may want to look at other health insurers, as Costco’s plans may not have enough coverage for their particular needs.


Often, insurers provide in-depth guidance and support on making the most of their plans. Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t offer this kind of assistance with its health insurance policies. You’ll need to understand your coverage or contact a personal health advocate if you need help navigating your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Insurance

Must I Be A Member To Purchase Costco Health Insurance?

Yes! You must be a Costco Member to access their health insurance plans. Getting a membership is a straightforward process you can do online. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to a comprehensive marketplace to help you find the best plan for your situation.

Are There Any Exclusions & Limitations On Coverage?

Yes, there are exclusions and limitations on coverage with Costco health insurance plans. Limitations may include things like deductibles and copayments. Exclusions may apply to services not covered under your specific plans, such as pre-existing conditions and preventive care. It’s essential to read your policy carefully to know what is covered.

I Have A Complex Condition, Can Costco Health Insurance Help?

Unfortunately, most plans don’t cover complex conditions. They’re too simple to cover pre-existing conditions, so you might need to look elsewhere for a plan to accommodate your needs.

Do I Require Membership To Get A Quote?

Even though you need a Costco membership to purchase a plan, you don’t need to be a member to get a quote. You can compare plans and obtain quotes without signing up for the membership. However, you might not be able to get a quote if you are in these states: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York, Vermont, and Rhode Island.


One of the best ways to minimize out-of-pocket healthcare costs is to purchase a health insurance plan. Costco offers a variety of plans with competitive premiums and deductibles that can help you stay within your budget. Ensure you read your policy carefully and ask questions if unsure so you know what’s included in the coverage before signing up.

Enhance Health can help you find an affordable plan to fit your needs. We have extensive plans from leading providers to save you time and money. It doesn’t matter how much coverage you need, we have you covered! Contact us today to get started

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