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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enhance Health Rx prescription discount program?

Enhance Health Rx prescription discount program is a free prescription discount program that helps users nationwide find the lowest prices on prescriptions at approximately 35,000 Pharmacies using the Enhance Health Rx discount card.

At Enhance Health Rx, we believe that everyone should have access to the lowest prices available for their medications, regardless of whether they have insurance or Medicare. The Enhance Health Rx program helps users save up to $95 on prescriptions. The range of prescription discounts provided under this discount program will vary depending on the prescription and pharmacy where the prescription is purchased. Enhance Health Rx is not insurance. It is also not a Medicare prescription drug plan.

Enhance Health Rx has a national network of drugstores and retail outlets, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix, and many others. That’s approximately 35,000 Pharmacies locations in the US that have partnered with Enhance Health Rx to offer lower prescription prices.

You can find participating pharmacies near you by searching for your zip code on enhancehealthrx.com, or calling our member support line at 1-888-341-2040.

Anyone in the US including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and US Territories.

Yes, you can use the card as many times as you want.

Yes, we encourage it! Not only can you print out copies of the card for your friends and family, but you can also take a pictures of the card with your phone and share them.

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