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The Cost Of Testosterone Boosters Without Insurance

If you suffer from hypogonadism or erectile dysfunction or are undergoing gender transition therapy, you probably have to take testosterone boosters. While these are sometimes available at urgent care facilities and certain clinics, specialists are more likely to offer a wider selection. 

But what if you don’t have insurance and need to access these testosterone therapy drugs? How much are you going to pay out-of-pocket? Is there a way to keep these costs down? 

We address these questions and more in this guide to the cost of testosterone boosters without insurance. 

What Do Testosterone Booster Shots Cost Without Insurance?

First, how much does testosterone cost without insurance? You’ll pay up to $400 for a testosterone shot, and up to $500 in some cases for testosterone boosters. 

But why is there such a wide price range? 

This is largely due to the type of testosterone booster you’re using. Some of these drugs are more expensive than others. However, most of them are just not affordable without insurance. 

There are other factors, besides the type of drug, that affect the cost of your testosterone booster therapy. These are the dosage needed, the frequency of your treatments, and even where you’re getting your treatment. 

It’s a well-known fact that medical treatments differ in cost from state to state and from one type of facility to the next. Traveling out of state is one way in which patients sometimes avoid the issue of high costs in their own state. 

What Are Testosterone Booster Shots?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men. Testosterone booster shots are a means to supplement testosterone in men who either aren’t producing testosterone or are not producing enough. This can be due to a medical condition or the after-effects of certain medical treatments. 

Gender transitioning from female to male will also necessitate this treatment, on an ongoing basis. 

Your reason for needing testosterone will often determine the type of booster you need, as well as the dosage. This can drive up the cost if you don’t have insurance.

Types Of Testosterone Boosters

There are different types of testosterone boosters. The following six are the most common, although not all of them are suited to all patients. Your individual case may warrant a particular testosterone delivery method and dose. 

Also, certain healthcare providers favor one method over another. Consult your primary caregiver before attempting to switch to another testosterone booster. They may have a valid reason for prescribing one over another. 

Prescription Tablets

Testosterone tablets can cost up to $300 without insurance, depending on brand and dosage. It’s quick and convenient to just pop a pill, and that’s why some patients prefer this pain-and discomfort-free method. The cost can be hefty though if you don’t have insurance.

Intramuscular Injections

Testosterone injections can cost up to $400, depending on various factors. They are usually administered via one of the major muscle groups. They can be much more affordable than other options, although they tend to need more frequent dosing.

Creams & Gels

Gels and creams that allow testosterone to enter your bloodstream through the skin are quite popular. They are less invasive than some other methods and simple to use. However, they can be quite costly. 

Testosterone booster creams and gels will set you back up to $500 without insurance.

Subcutaneous Pellets

Subcutaneous testosterone pellets are placed just under the skin. They are filled with one of the longest-lasting testosterone supplements – crystalline testosterone. 

Testosterone pellets are long-lasting because the crystals dissolve slowly, releasing testosterone into your bloodstream over 3 to 6 months. Unfortunately, they’re very expensive without insurance, costing upwards of $500. That’s why health insurance is a must when on this form of testosterone booster. 

Buccal Patches 

Buccal patches are administered inside the mouth, usually against the cheek, for delivery through the oral mucosa. These may not be ideal for everyone, although they do allow for a relatively quick delivery of testosterone. They will cost up to $500 without insurance.

Dermal Patches

Dermal patches are easy to use and almost as popular as creams and gels. But these, too, will cost up to $500. The brand and dosage can affect the price, as with all testosterone-boosting treatments.

How To Save Costs On Testosterone Boosters

There are a few things you can do to reduce the costs of your testosterone boosters. If you don’t have insurance and are finding the costs too high to cope with, consider the following:

  • Enquire about testosterone drug trials at your local university or training hospital.
  • Speak to your primary care provider about trying a cheaper alternative.
  • Ask for assistance at your nearest gender-affirmation clinic (if you are gender transitioning).

Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men

There are several well-known signs of testosterone decline and deficiency in men. If you’re concerned that your testosterone levels are low and you need testosterone therapy, read through the following checklist. 

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, schedule a visit with your healthcare provider and discuss treatment options with them. While one symptom alone may not be urgent, more than one may indicate a deeper problem.

Here are some symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Low sex drive
  • Sexual dysfunction – difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection
  • Night sweats
  • Premature balding – and sometimes loss of facial hair and body, too
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increase in breast tissue – gynecomastia
  • Bones break easily
  • Constant fatigue, lack of energy, and mood swings
  • Reduced penis and testicle size
  • Poor memory and cognitive function

The Dangers Of Self-Diagnosis And Treatment

Before we continue, we want to stress that you should never self-diagnose a medical condition. Likewise, never self-medicate with any medication, including testosterone. Only take testosterone boosters if a doctor has deemed it necessary for you to do so. 

Testosterone boosters acquired by illicit means may contain harmful elements or you may take a larger dose than you need. 

If you are wanting to transition your gender, many doctors will give you the help and support you need to acquire gender-affirming care.

Testosterone Boosters May Not Always Be The Answer

Bear in mind that these symptoms may also be signs of another underlying medical condition. Your healthcare provider will have to determine what is causing these symptoms. This may require several blood tests, and visits to specialists. 

Some of these symptoms can indicate other serious medical issues. For example, erectile dysfunction could be due to undiagnosed high cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid malfunction, and even type II diabetes. Stress and depression are also known causes of sexual dysfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Testosterone Boosters

Are there risks in taking testosterone boosters?

Testosterone therapy is the main sex hormone in men, and a loss of this hormone can cause sexual dysfunction and even infertility. A natural decline due to age is normal. But if you take testosterone boosters, be aware that they can cause acne and problems with the prostate gland. 

Does insurance cover testosterone boosters?

Yes. The good news is that most insurance carriers cover testosterone-boosting therapy. You may be required to provide a blood sample to determine your testosterone level and the need for supplementation. Your primary caregiver will assist you with this.

Are there medical conditions that may prevent someone from being able to take testosterone boosters?

Prostate cancer patients are often advised not to take testosterone boosters. Testosterone therapy may in some cases increase the risk of prostate cancer recurrence or worsening of an existing case. However, research studies have produced conflicting results and more research may be needed on this issue. 

Testosterone therapy is also not advised in young, healthy men who already have optimal levels of the hormone.

Are there natural ways to increase testosterone?

Yes, there are several ways in which men with low testosterone levels can boost this hormone, naturally. 

Exercise, particularly weight lifting and resistance training, is one of the best ways to do so. 

A diet sufficient in protein and healthy fats will also give you a boost. 


Testosterone-boosting therapy doesn’t come cheap, especially when you don’t have insurance. No one can afford the risk of not having a suitable health plan that meets their needs and budget. 

Here at Enhance Health, we make finding the right medical plan easy, even if you’re unemployed or earning a minimum wage. Contact us today for assistance, and make the right decision for your future health. 

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