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Zoloft Cost Without Insurance

Zoloft and other medications will cost you if you’re someone who doesn’t have insurance. 

But how much exactly? 

Is having insurance the key to avoiding hefty prescription fees? 

Join us in diving into the cost of Zoloft without having insurance and the factors affecting the price.

What Does Zoloft Cost Without Insurance?

Brand-name Zoloft can cost anywhere between $400 and $500 without having insurance.

The prescription cost varies depending on the number of pills in the prescription, whether you choose brand name or generic, and the pharmacy where you get your prescription.

Having insurance will help you cover the costs of Zoloft, sometimes leaving you without needing to pay a cent.

3 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Zoloft

Here are the main three factors that will affect the cost of Zoloft if you’re someone who doesn’t have insurance.

Dosage And Quantity

Everyone is different. This means that everyone will have a different Zoloft dosage.

Doctors will often recommend the average starting dose of Zoloft if you’re an adult. This is 50 mg taken once a day.

Children, or adults with certain health complications, will use much smaller doses.

Only your doctor should be in control of your dosage.

Once your progress is reviewed, your doctor will decide whether your dosage should be increased so that the desired effects can be achieved.

Your dosage shouldn’t go past 200 mg as this is the maximum license dosage for Zoloft.

The higher doses won’t necessarily cost more as you would be taking the tablet less frequently. It’s more of the quantity that has a role in affecting the cost of Zoloft.

Getting a month’s worth supply of 25 mg Zoloft without insurance will cost you close to $400. You will end up saving money if you opt for a pack of 100 as an out-of-pocket purchase.

Some pharmaceuticals allow for monthly subscriptions and delivery services, which can save you money too.

Brand Name Zoloft Vs The Generic Counterpart

There’s a significant price difference when comparing branded Zoloft to its generic counterparts. But why is that?

We commonly accept that something that costs less is of a worse quality. However, when it comes to Zoloft and other forms of medication, this is not the case.

Zoloft is the brand name version and is usually the result of big pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer and Novartis, applying for a 20-year patent. When a company has a patent, they have exclusivity on the brand name until that patent ends.

The generic version of Zoloft is Sertraline HCL.

Generic companies take the formulation of the medicine and ensure that the dosage, intended use, and effects are the same as the brand name.

Generic drugs go through the same controlled tests before being put out on the market. The difference between the brand name Zoloft and the generic counterpart is the inactive ingredients. Inactive ingredients include binders, fillers, food coloring, etc.

The reason the brand name Zoloft is so expensive is that you’re paying for the marketing, package design, pharmaceutical reps, and everything leading up to the distribution.

A brand name Zoloft at somewhere like CVS pharmacy will cost around $432, whereas the generic version Sertraline HCL will be a fraction of the price at around $34.

Where You Buy It

Zoloft is only accessible and acquired through a prescription. This means that pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics are the only way to get your hands on some.

The main pharmacies where you can collect your prescription are CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger.

Your doctor will send a prescription to the pharmacy, and it will be ready for collection within a few days.

Walgreens is known for being a more expensive pharmacy if you don’t have insurance, so expect the price of Zoloft to be high.

Your brand name Zoloft at Walgreens will be around $568. These are some of the most expensive brand name and generic versions of Zoloft that are on the market.

Places like Kroger offer membership and coupons for your next prescription, taking the original $443 for the brand name price and knocking it down by $100.

Some places also offer mail-order services where the medication is delivered to your door. This will add to the cost of the total prescription but it saves you the

Tips For Saving Money ON Your Zoloft Prescription

Your Zoloft prescription will only go up as years go by. Knowing how to save money on your Zoloft prescription saves you from using unsafe practices like skipping doses.

  • Asking your doctor for free samples is the first tip. Doctors have plenty of samples on standby for those wanting samples. You could end up getting days’ worth of the medication, saving the quantity needed on your prescription.
  • The next step is to stop taking unnecessary medication. You’re wasting money if you decide to buy over-the-counter medication because the prescription isn’t enough. Rather consult your doctor about the dosage and quantity. If they recommend you take something in addition to Zoloft, you can take their word as a medical professional.
  • You should also search for discounts. Pharmacies have sales on various medications or offer coupons for your next visit. It’s important to compare the prices and browse through newspapers and flyers for coupons.
  • Finally, don’t solely rely on the brand name Zoloft. It’s been proven time and time again that the difference between brand name and generic version of the medication is minuscule. The latter is cheaper and offers the same effects as the former. Your doctor will probably end up recommending the brand name at first but there’s no harm in saying you’re looking for a cheaper option. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoloft 

What are the side effects of Zoloft?

Knowing the side effects of Zoloft before jumping into a month’s worth of it will be beneficial for your mind and body.

The most common side effects of taking Zoloft include headaches, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, dry mouth, and bowel problems like constipation and diarrhea.

These symptoms are short-lived and can be improved or avoided depending on when you take the Zoloft and what you take it with.

The more long-term side effects include a drop in libido and a foggy mind. However, these aren’t as common and can be treated if you speak to your doctor.

How can I get Zoloft without insurance?

Simply walking out of your home, visiting a doctor, and heading over to the local pharmacy is the best way to get Zoloft without insurance.

Zoloft can be prescribed by family doctors and practitioners or anyone who is a licensed physician. If someone is trying to sell you Zoloft over the counter, don’t take it.

Pharmacies, doctors, psychiatrists, and trained medical professionals are the only ones capable of writing up a prescription. 

What does Zoloft do?

Zoloft is a drug used to treat a variety of mental health conditions.

It’s an antidepressant that increases the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. This increase helps reduce anxiety and depression, alleviating symptoms of OCD.

Zoloft, and its generic counterpart Sertraline, prevent serotonin from being taken back into the nerve cells that release it. This means there’s more serotonin available in the brain, improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It takes several weeks for the full effects to be seen but it all depends on the individual.


Zoloft and other medications are usually covered in their entirety when having insurance, saving you plenty of money in the long run.

Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. With Enhance Health, you can find insurance while having a little-to-no income. Going this route means you won’t need to worry about a big prescription bill at the end of every visit to the doctor.

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