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Introducing Enhance for Employers—a flexible alternative to group health insurance that saves you money and offers your employees more choices.

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Everyone Benefits with Enhance for Employers

Employer Benefits

Cut out broker fees by removing the middleman.

Avoid yearly premium increases by providing a fixed dollar amount for employees to use in the individual marketplace.

Offer a range of reimbursement amounts based on employee classifications (such as full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.).

Save money by paying only for employees who use the plan.

Employee Benefits

A greater choice of plans with the entirety of the ACA marketplace available ensures individuals find their ideal healthcare coverage.

Licensed agents offer a personalized enrollment process helping individuals understand their options and guiding them into the perfect plan.

Our Member Services Team provides continued support every step of the way by finding in-network doctors, locating pharmacies, answering questions about benefits, and much more.


What is ICHRA?

ICHRA stands for Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement. It’s a type of health benefit that allows employers to reimburse employees tax-free for individual health insurance premiums and other qualifying medical expenses.

Employers establish an ICHRA and set a monthly allowance for employees. Employees then purchase individual health insurance plans or incur eligible medical expenses, submitting documentation to the employer for reimbursement up to the allowance amount.

Yes, ICHRA is compliant with the ACA. It satisfies the employer mandate by offering minimum essential coverage to eligible employees.

Generally, all full-time employees are eligible for ICHRA. However, employers can choose to offer ICHRA to specific classes of employees, such as those not eligible for group health plans (like part-time or seasonal workers).

Employees can use ICHRA to purchase individual health insurance plans that meet ACA requirements. This typically includes plans purchased through the ACA Marketplace or directly from insurers.

Yes, employers can set a maximum allowance for each employee’s ICHRA, but there is no minimum contribution requirement. The allowance can vary based on factors such as age, family size, and geographic location.

More Choice for Your Employees, Less Cost for You.

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