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New Hampshire Taps Enhance Health to Ensure Residents Have Access to Quality Healthcare

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Concord, New Hampshire – February 12, 2024 –The state of New Hampshire and Enhance Health have announced a partnership that will help residents maintain access to quality healthcare during the ongoing unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition.

A first-of-its-kind initiative, New Hampshire is leveraging the resources of Enhance Health, including its technology, licensed agents, and comprehensive member services programs to connect with over 27,000 residents who have been redetermined ineligible for Medicaid – all at no cost to New Hampshire’s taxpayers.

State representatives will first work to conduct a brief initial survey with residents, and collect their interest and consent to participate. Enhance Health will then survey each resident to understand why enrollees did not participate in the redetermination process and help ascertain whether they may still qualify. For residents no longer Medicaid eligible, Enhance Health will help them purchase no or low-cost health insurance through the federal insurance marketplace with associated grants under the Affordable Care and Inflation Reduction Acts. New Hampshire officials will gain immediate insights on survey results and the quantity of residents gaining coverage through an ACA plan.

“New Hampshire has been concerned with the impact of the end of the public health emergency on their residents,’ said Chris Nicolopoulos, Vice President of Government Relations for Enhance Health. “We’re excited to aid the state’s already extensive efforts to ensure that no residents fall through the cracks.”

During COVID-19, the federal government placed a pause on Medicaid redetermination, which expired in April 2023. Across the country, it’s estimated that 16 million people nationwide have lost Medicaid coverage, with 77% due to procedural reasons such as missed deadlines, paperwork issues, or outdated contact information.

“This poses an enormous challenge for states whose residents may unexpectedly lose their health insurance, leading to poor health outcomes and increased health spending overall,” said Nicolopoulos.

“We’re honored New Hampshire selected Enhance Health as its partner and applaud the state’s leadership in taking a proactive approach to ensure no resident is left without health insurance as a result of the redetermination process,” said Matt Herman, CEO of Enhance Health. “The combination of Enhance’s technology and world-class agents will be able to guide residents through the process, and if needed, find them other quality insurance options.”

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