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Enhance Health x Hollywood Unlocked

Healthcare Unlocked, an intersection of Hollywood Unlocked and Enhance Health, launches to help underserved Americans access healthcare.

Hollywood Unlocked and Enhance Health, launched Healthcare Unlocked, an exciting new initiative tied to the start of open enrollment. Healthcare Unlocked brings together celebrity culture and health insurance, with the mission to inspire and mobilize one million uninsured individuals to enroll in the Affordable Care Act to usher in a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Enhance Health x Floyd Mayweather

Floyd knows how important access to quality, affordable health insurance is. That’s why we have partnered with him to get out the word that 97% of our members pay $0 in premiums every month. 

Enhance Health x Miami Dolphins

Enhance’s roots are in the South Florida area, and we are committed to helping as many people as possible access quality healthcare through great insurance. The Dolphins share our passion for increasing access to healthcare. Visit the Enhance Health 300 level next time you’re at Hard Rock Stadium for a game or concert. 

Enhance Health x Trackhouse Racing

Enhance and Trackhouse partnered to triumph in the inaugural Grant Park 220, the first time ever that a rookie driver and a new lead partner combined to win their first NASCAR Cup Series start

The partnership between Enhance Health and Trackhouse Racing is built on a shared vision of increasing access to healthcare in America.

Enhance Health x Dan Marino

Dan Marino embodies everything that Enhance Health stands for- competing like an underdog, championing for better access to healthcare and healthy living awareness, and a commitment to greatness.

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We save our customers time, money, and effort by connecting them with the right plan, no matter where they are in life. Choosing a plan through us helps you find health insurance that works for you – without breaking the bank.

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