Healthcare Done Differently.

For both new enrollees and people interested in changing their enrollment, Health Insurance can often be impossibly complex.

You want to keep the doctors, clinics, and medications you know and trust. But change is scary—and the array of choices (carriers, providers, copays, and more) is frankly overwhelming.

At Enhance Health, we use two tools to simplify the process. First, the power of technology. And second, the human touch.

Power of Tech

Human Touch

We offer you the best of these worlds: a simplified digital journey—paired with a warm and personalized long-range experience.

The Power of Digital to Simplify Health Insurance

Our mission is to simplify everyone’s pursuit of peace of mind by our advice, guidance, and support to select the right health insurance plan.

Enhance Health puts relevant and accurate intelligence at your fingertips—while using the power of technology to guide you down the best possible path for you.

The Human Touch for Continued Support

Best of all, our support doesn’t end when you enroll in a plan.

In fact, that’s only the beginning. Life changes quickly—and so can your healthcare needs. Whether you move, experience changing medical needs, or require support for any reason, Enhance Health never leaves your side. We are here for you at every step of the journey—now and for years to come. We combine the simplicity of digitalization with the personal touch of talking to a real person that cares.

We’re proud to have a partner who shares our vision

Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private investment firms, has made a founding investment in Enhance Health to ensure we have the resources, support, and scale to deliver on our mission and vision. Bain Capital Insurance’s deep industry expertise combined with the global Bain Capital platform brings advantages that will help us unlock value and drive innovation.

Our Team

Our leadership is made up of entrepreneurs and industry veterans who have come from all backgrounds and industries to unite around a common mission: simplify everyone’s pursuit of peace of mind by our advice, guidance, and support in the process of enrolling in and ultimately utilizing the right health plan.