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Is It Mandatory To Have Health Insurance In 2023?

Is it mandatory to have health insurance? Many people risk having limited access to good healthcare, simply because they feel they cannot afford it. But health insurance is a necessity of life that no one can afford to disregard. In fact, in recent years, you could be penalized for not

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Complete Guide To Medi-Share

Health insurance plans are a must in today’s world. We all need the peace of mind that comes with having a health plan in place. But they’re not always affordable, especially for families on a tight budget. Have you heard about Medi-Share? This non-profit, Christian-based medical expense-sharing program may be the

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How Much Does An IUD Cost Without Insurance?

An IUD is one of the most effective methods of birth control. Without insurance, it’s expensive and can be difficult to afford for most people. The cost of an IUD can reach $1500 without insurance. There’s such an extensive price range because the cost of an IUD depends on a

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How Much Does Adderall Cost Without Insurance?

9.8% of American children, around 6 million, have been diagnosed with ADHD. An effective solution to ADHD and ADD is Adderall. Insurance will cover almost every type of prescribed medication, including Adderall. But, how much does Adderall cost without insurance? What factors influence the cost of Adderall? We answer these

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How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Without Insurance?

Lasik is a common procedure that gives patients 20/20 vision, but how much does Lasik eye surgery cost without insurance? Well, this depends on a few factors, such as your prescription, where you have it done, and more. We’ll take you through all of these factors, and explain the cost

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How Much Do Vaccines Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of vaccines without insurance can be daunting, so we’re here to provide some clarity. The truth is, these non-negotiables can be unaffordable for most families without insurance covering them. Childhood vaccines protect our children against a wide variety of otherwise life-altering or even deadly diseases. There are around

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